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Songs of Awe and Wonder by Andrew Webb-Mitchell

  • Music by Andrew Webb-Mitchell

    Words by Joanna Boulter

    Elizabeth Bailey, soprano

    Jin Hui, tenor

    Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

    Mikel Toms, conductor 


    “In Songs of Awe and Wonder, Andrew Webb-Mitchell has created a stunning set of symphonic songs on a grand scale. The music is full of passion and heroism, with glorious harmony and beautiful textures. The orchestration is beautifully detailed and the vocal writing creates a soaring line that carries the listener right through the vast canvas of the cycle. The work is dedicated to Mahler but, although the scale of the work is comparable to a Mahlerian song cycle, the music is in no way derivative and Andrew Webb-Mitchell has his own unique style and sound-world.”

    Tasmin Little, violinist

    “Andrew Webb-Mitchell has produced a remarkable and important work in “Songs of Awe and Wonder”. Dedicated to Gustav Mahler, this is passionate music on a grand scale – a modern day “Song of the Earth”. It is serious music written in an approachable musical style and I loved it! ”

    John Lenehan, pianist

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