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Films and Videos

Revolution & Romance (BBC)

Trailer for 3-part BBC FOUR Series with Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

Mozart – Symphony No 40 (Finale)

Symphony Orchestra of India

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Bruce Hobson – Music of Days and Nights

Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra

Secret Lives of the Classics

A documentary exploring Maurice Ravel’s great orchestral masterpiece La Valse.

Arctic Saga

Music by Peter Greve. Illustrations by Rik van Linden van den Heuvell. Brno Philharmonic Orchestra & Mikel Toms.

Casey Crescenzo – Amour & Attrition

A Symphony in Four Movements

Spiros Mazis – 10 Dimensions—AEB160

Spiros Mazis - 10 Dimensions—AEB160 with Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

Lance Hulme – Sirens’ Song

Sirens' Song by Lance Hulme with Brno Philharmonic Orchestra


From Andrew Webb-Mitchell's "Songs of Awe and Wonder"

Kites Over Malvern

From Andrew Webb-Mitchell's "Songs of Awe and Wonder"

The Novels of Norman Lebrecht

An interview with Norman Lebrecht about "The Song of Names" and "The Game of Opposites"

Recording the Music of a Turner Prize Winner

Recording the music of 2001 Turner Prize winner Martin Creed

Jeremy Limb – The Music in my Arms

"My body is the passage through which composers pass. Practice is my butter."

A Night at the Opera with Clive Stafford Smith

Human rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith decides to put on an opera...about town planning.

A Sense of Place

Filmed by Mikel on the Isle of Harris, Scotland. The architecture of Stuart Bagshaw.

Dances of Life and Death

Conducted and filmed by Mikel Toms. Music by Andrew Webb-Mitchell.

Maurice Ravel – La Valse

Mikel conducts Ravel's orchestral masterpiece La Valse with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.