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Amy Dickson – Glass


    Violin Concerto

    arranged for soprano saxophone by Amy Dickson

    Sonata for Violin and Piano (arr. for Saxophone)

    Morning Passages (from The Hours)

    Escape! (from The Hours)

    Amy Dickson, saxophone

    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    Mikel Toms, conductor

    Catherine Milledge, piano

    “[Amy Dickson] first arranged his Violin Concerto 10 years ago, and her impressive 2008 recording with the RPO under Mikel Toms makes another appearance on this disc…Dickson’s highly nuanced and skilful interpretations on this disc amply demonstrate that her musical versatility extends beyond mere ‘arrangement’ of Glass’s music.”


    “Amy Dickson’s arrangement for soprano saxophone actually works better than the original (which isn’t too surprising: Glass said he wrote the work for his own sound, not that of the violin). The fast passages sound crisper; the bubbling arpeggios and long slow notes have new varied textures thanks to the saxophone’s reedy depth; the insistent solo interjections in the finale now pierce the orchestra; and occasional violin-specific techniques, such as multiple stopping, are translated with no musical loss. It’s helped by a fine, clear recording (with the best percussion sound of any) with well-focussed wind lines, and the punchiest, best-driven brass power in the nicely-near-chaotic finale”.