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"Our dauntless man with a baton..." NORMAN LEBRECHT

Michael Finnissy – Lost Lands


    Dilok, for oboe & percussion
    Delal, for oboe d’amore & percussion
    Kulamen Dilan, for soprano saxophone (oboe/clarinet) & percussion
    Moon’s goin’ down, for voice or instrument
    Runnin’ wild, for voice or instrument
    Keroiylu, for oboe, bassoon & piano
    Lost Lands, for soprano saxophone, E flat clarinet, violin, guitar & piano*


    Mikel Toms, conductor*
    Alan Thomas, guitar
    Andrew McNeil, soprano saxophone
    Chris Redgate, oboe
    Darragh Morgan, violin
    Guy Cowley, clarinet
    Ian Pace, piano
    Jillian Warburton, percussion
    Philip Gibbon bassoon

    Metier: MSV CD92050

    “Lost Lands is the longest work, its complex single-movement form well-shaped under expert conductor Mikel Toms…”