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Martin Creed: Mind Trap

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  • The new album from 2001 Turner Prize Winner, Martin Creed.  Features new orchestral compositions recorded by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and Mikel Toms.

    1. Kid Yourself
    2. If You’re Lonely
    3. You Return
    4. I Want You
    5. Pass Them On
    6. Gift Attack
    7. Don’t Tell Me
    8. The New Shutters
    9. I Like Things
    10. Don’t Want
    11. I Love You
    12. Mind Trap*
    13. Work No. 955*
    14. Work No. 994*
    15. Work No. 1375*
    16. Practicing For You

     *Brno Philharmonic Orchestra | Mikel Toms, conductor

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